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What is KES?

The  Krystic Energy System® is a miraculous gift that is here to deliver humanity to the Golden Age.” ~Shekinah & Sananda Kryst, Founders

The Krystic Energy System® is a newly manifested technology that Shekinah and Sananda have brought from the future timeline of Earth’s Golden Age.

KES - Krystic Energy System® is a comprehensive Energy System that utilizes the Krystic Field of Consciousness in conjunction with advanced celestial technology, to work with your bodily systems and consciousness at the energetic level, where all misalignments start, and creates a balance and WHOLING as it realigns us to our soul’s energy and purpose. That is why it is said that KES Krystic Energy System® is not a healing modality, as much as it is a WHOLING modality.

Krystic Energy System® is the most advanced wholing modality available today on the planet and was brought from the future in order to assist humanity with a more rapid transformation into the Golden Age. 

Be aware that Krystic Energy System® does not replace any medicine treatment nor psychotherapy.

Session via zoom

  • 12 o'clock alignment in your full creative potential
  • Soul Matrix Restoration
  • Activate your highest timeline
  • Duration approx 40-60 minutes.

Find a place where you can be undisturbed and where you can set up your cell phone or laptop in such a way that you can first sit and then lie down, while you can have the sound switched on so that you can still hear and be heard.

We would like to make this unique gift for your quality of life and realignment possible for everyone. With your money gifting you make the Rishi Family projects possible. These sessions are and priceless and worth 333 euros. Feel honestly what you can give here and now. You can also Gift Gradidos. This is how you practice Dana - lovingly giving. Everything you give may flow back to you 7 times and beyond. And so it is. Amen.

You feel called to be in service?

If you feel called to become a Krystic Energy Server yourself please ask for more information.

Voices from You

"Dear Amo, your energy treatment was very good for me!  It was very relaxing and cleansing.  My pendulum analysis actually showed a charging and purification of all energies.
In the center of the "dial" I slowly sank deeper, as if through water I moved downwards and had the sensation of an underwater world.  I felt a wandering heaviness in the head / brain, as if different areas were being activated.  The left foot flashed several times, as if "a leak was being plugged" there.  In the supine position, I felt spiraling energy vortices that flushed all my bodies in a very orderly manner.  In the longitudinal direction the energy moved evenly from the right and left into the middle of the body: seen from the head (view from the observer) 2 body-length cylinders in which the energies flow inwards.  The other movement I perceived was up and down the back of the body (like in a cocoon) and also in the opposite direction.  I felt that in a very orderly and powerful way.  Then I was very tired and heavy.
Yesterday was filled with lightness and radiance.  I was able to immerse myself in LOVE and share my inner harmony with the world.

THANK YOU dear soul sister for your support, which was really magical!
✨💖✨🌈✨🌀✨" Mandala


"Dear AmoLove,
I am so deeply filled with gratitude for your beautiful and loving KES healing session. My topic was financial abundance and flow for the highest divine good here and now. I was deeply touched during the session to feel and realize to my core the consciousness my soul already and always had. That I AM abundance at all levels. Through the energy you provided for me I was capable of completely allowing myself to just be, to live my divinity and to receive everything that is there for me all the time and without limitations. This is my purity my femininity and my birthright. 
My magnetic being was activated right after the session while still laying down and enjoying the energy flowing in. In the last 4 days following the treatment the realisation of what that means is continually growing and reaching my awareness in every field of my life. Not only finances. It actually is anchored in steadfast within my being and is now bringing up to the light everything that is still contradict to it and aligning it to my highest consciousness of abundance. First within myself so that I am fulfilling and loving myself deeper and deeper and releasing every remaining feeling or belief of being dependent. So I am 'automatically' creating it in awe and joy and selflove in the related aspects of my life. Kisses and hugs from my heart to yours for this truly divine game changer. 😄 And thank you beloved Shekina and Sananda for your powerful loving presence and support." ❤️ Seira


“Dear Amo from the bottom of my heart, thank you for this wonderful gift that you gave me yesterday, the most impressive yesterday of the session for me was that Fast you was anchored in the number and this light feeling that I was allowed to experience when I arrived at the center, love everything”  Diana


"so nice the seesion with you
my beeing was wide open and full of joy
the density I felt at 17oclock, was completly gone, I felt well balanced
As you invite Shekina she was immediatly there, I felt her presence, very powerfull !!
Tears in my eyes
my body felt light
At the end during the freestyle
there was a couple I watched, it was very close to me, playfully easy and full of joy they talk with each other
it was more like a swinging together - yes thats how it felt my hart beats...
although I watch them I felt I was one with them
my words can not explane what I felt at this moment
Energy was running my hart is fully open
a big hug to you
THank You, Thank You , Thank You" Karin 


After experiencing this wonderful treatment I can clearly say that the inner rage has calmed down and I don`t feel as triggered as I felt before.
I am in peace and I feel deeper connected to my true Being.
Many heavy layers have fallen off me, I feel relieved from old believes and patterns.
My chest feels soft and light, the well-known armor has fallen off.
I feel a deep gratitude and an excitement for the new me.
I can sense a strong energy, a deep trust and light within myself.
Thank you for this amazing work! Randa


I wanne thank you for the great experience. I have realized that I'm capable of perceiving within my self what I usually just could dream about. And I felt exactly like in my dreams. I'm certain now that I've got the power. It is within and around me. I am one with it. I was extraordinarily pleased to be with you. And I'm impressed by your skills. Thanx, Philipp

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