Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a member?

You should, if you want :-) Do you want to be part of the family? Do you want to be part of the RishiFamily? Do you want to be part of the new earth? Do you want to enter the golden age with us? Only as part of the family and thus a registered association member (registration is free of charge) can you participate in our events, promote our projects and thus participate in the treasures or be sponsored as a sponsoring member (for example, a member of the light). As soon as you are logged in here on the website, you can also like posts, comment (as soon as available) and put something in the treasure chest. In the member area you will then see an overview of your booked appointments and everything you own in terms of treasures, including the associated zoom links, download links and all relevant information.

Benefits for members:
- Membership as a family member is free of charge
- You are sponsoring New Earth projects
- Some projects and appointments are only visible to members
Only members can ...
- ... take part in our events
- ... participate in projects and treasures
- ... participate in our posts and like them or be interested in them
- ... choose a sponsoring membership

You can register now for free or if you are already a member login here.

What obligations do I have as a member?

You have no obligations and can cancel your membership at any time. Even as a sponsoring member (for example a member of the light) you can end your membership at any time, even one day before the renewal. You are a member because you want it, not because we force you to do anything. How much ease are YOU ready to live?

What does it mean to be a "Member of the Light"?

With the Rishi Codes we create a divinely protected, divinely guided and divinely blessed sacred space every day and pray for the day. The container is energetically purified, astral objects, implants and unwanted beings are removed, unhealthy and damaged relationships are dissolved and a download takes place for the day. The Rishi Codes make it possible to do all of this for many people at the same time, provided we have the permission of each person. As a member of the light you support this project and are also part of this sacred container. In order to further strengthen the effect and the field, we ask that you also include us in your prayers. In this way an infinite cycle of mutual exaltation and blessing arises.

What do your association statutes look like?

Here you can find our association statutes (only available in german).

How can I renew my membership?

You can put your membership in the treasure chest and pay for it at any time. Your existing membership will then be extended by one year. You can see the new date until when your membership will run in the treasure chest before payment.

What happens, if I buy a membership twice?

Then this membership is valid for two years. You can see in the treasure chest, until when the membership will be valid.

How can I delete my membership?

You will lose access to all funded projects and treasures. Please think carefully about what you are doing. Regular membership is free. A membership that has been deleted cannot be undone! At the bottom of the master data there is a button with which you can delete your membership.

What is the treasure chest?

What is the shopping cart on other websites is the treasure chest on ours. Instead of consuming goods, you can sponsor treasures from the new earth and the golden age.

I have another question. How can I contact you?

The best way to reach us is via Telegram. Write a message to Avalon or Amo on Telegram and we will write back to you as soon as we discover your message. You can find our contact links here.