Live divinely
with your RishiFamily

We're bringing starseeds online

With our RishiFamily, we offer you a room in which you can find yourself to unfold magically and divinely. Choose the intensity and form in which you want to be part of the RishiFamily. You can just read along and order treasures, let yourself be lifted up and receive daily prayers and blessings or you can be an active part of our RishiFamily team and develop your very own mission.

You know who you truly are

What does Rishi mean?

Our worldview is based on a 15-dimensional space-time matrix. In these 15 dimensions are the first 12 dimensions with a body. Dimension 9-12 becomes general referred to as avatar consciousness. Dimensions 13-15 are called and correspond to Rishi consciousness, which is pure light, sound and consciousness without a body.
Prayers, upliftment and gratitude can awaken and strengthen this awareness.

We open up our sacred space for everyone, who is here, to help shaping the new earth and is really ready for this path into new dimensions.

Dimensions in the original german vocabulary means degrees of freedom. That means we seed and harvest new degrees of freedom together.

We are whole, we are sovereign, we are free! 

Our way together

The mission of the RishiFamily is to get you beloved starseed online and to accompany and lift you up into your full potential and your magic power of divine creation. You are not alone, there are many starseeds on earth. A huge source of creativity. Feel it, as if all starseeds would be already activated and online. It's about, to find and lift one another.

It is no coincidence, that you are reading this here and now. Welcome beloved starseed!

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You are not alone - the RishiFamily accompanies you

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