New Earth

Creating the new earth in 7 days
by Avalon Michael Kriegner

Welcome to the seven days of creation of the Golden Age. Words create worlds. So let's create a new world together and start the golden age together. God's blessings on every word, sentence, idea and vision here and now.

Day 1

All life is connected to the divine source and is in constant exchange and communication with this source. All life serves source and source serves all life. A harmonious and complementary cycle. If desired, the divine source can even take on a concrete form and direct dialogue is possible, even if it is rarely necessary, since everything is in communication with everything at all times.

Every living being is whole, sovereign and free in itself. Free will of every living being is inviolable and is ensured by the source itself. Lies, violence or fear, as well as injustice or punishment are no longer possible. Truth, peace and love are always guaranteed and the natural state of everything that is.

Every living being gets its own, safe and freely configurable home in a free place of its choice unconditionally and undivided. This home represents the sacred space of love and has the optimal size for the respective being to develop in the best possible way, to grow, to play, to be nourished, to feel secure, to let off steam, to be creative in harmony with all life and the divine source. This space of love is divinely protected, divinely guided and divinely blessed. In it everything is possible without limit and the space provides all possible and impossible resources unconditionally and in love through the connection to the inexhaustible abundance of the source. The space can take care of itself, maintain itself and even grow. There is no garbage, everything can be transformed at will. There is no work, only more love, joy, fun, creativity and connection with everything that is. Evil is a thing of the past and there are no temptations or tests anymore.

The new world also offers group rooms for like-minded people. Everyone can contribute and give something independently in harmony with the group through the immeasurable resources of the source and their own space of love.

Telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance and all other previously supernatural abilities are fully accessible to everyone and a natural state.

The bodies and matter are full of light and can be changed and shaped as desired by willpower or thought power. Everyone can adjust their body every day, just as you can change your clothes today. Your own home can also be completely changed at any time with ease and joy. No outside help is required. Everyone is fully in their own creative power and independent of others. Everything happens through the direct connection to the divine source in love and gratitude.

Due to the connection to the source and the sovereignty and free will of every living being, there is no need for politics, rulers and hierarchies, no states and no borders, except the border of the sacred space itself. Every living being has everything in abundance and thus there is no war, no envy and no other lower vibrations either. Who longs for the old dramas can choose a 3D incarnation again, but nobody can be obliged to repeat this against their free will. The higher dimensions are the natural birthright and natural state of every living being.

Day 2

The ego as we know it up to now no longer exists. The constant and intimate connection to everything that is makes it impossible for negative ego structures to arise. It is not possible to hurt someone else or to do something at the expense of someone else, as compassion and empathy ensure that you harm yourself more than the other in such a case. But there is still an individual personality and the free will to develop and adapt one's own personality.

There is no more karma as everything happens through the divine source. All previous contracts and agreements will be dissolved by the transition to the new earth. Everything we agreed or promised before we have forgotten is no longer valid in the new earth and must be renegotiated.

We can all remember everything and have full access to everything.

The high levels of light, the high frequencies and new skills such as telepathy and telekinesis result in completely new sports, games and inventions. What was previously considered impossible is now possible. Time travel, teleportation, holodecks, spaceships, replicators, programmable matter and much more are part of everyday life.

The new earth is also linked intergalactically. Spaceships come and go and there is peaceful, inspiring and enriching contact and exchange with extraterrestrial beings on all levels. Anyone can learn and connect from anyone. Love, peace and respect are given at any time in any place. Contrasts are not only tolerated, but are also welcomed because they increase diversity and internal and external wealth. Differences or differences of opinion are no longer a problem, but an inspiring change from everyday life. The free will of every living being is honored and respected and viewed as the greatest good of existence. Animals are no longer eaten or kept in cages, but also have their own space of love.

Eating is still possible and delicious, but no longer necessary. Every meal is full of light and healthy and comes directly from the divine source. There are no more allergies, intolerances and addictions. All physical regulation functions and needs such as satiety, need for rest, urge to move, etc. are divinely balanced and aligned.

Most people live in heavenly sky cities. In this way, the earth is relieved of artificial constructions such as streets, houses etc. and people have much more space and space to spread out and freely design their own space of love. Movement takes place by flying or teleportation. Walks, excursions and holidays on the surface of the earth are possible at any time. Free energy is available to everyone and everywhere. The light body protects against cold, heat and all unpleasant influences of the earth and can be controlled and programmed with words and thoughts. Since everything is made of light and there are no more burns, there is no more dust, no more dirt and no more wear and tear. Everything remains in its natural beauty and its natural shine until you change it consciously. Your own sacred space and the space of the light body itself cannot be entered without consent. Divine protection is thus fully guaranteed at all times.

Joint decisions are made by the majority. You do not need a leader for this, everyone can express their wishes and concerns. Through the divine connection and the bond within the community, the best solutions are always found in ease and joy. Nobody is left sad because that would fall back on everyone. Every concern is heard / seen / perceived and every need is given the best possible consideration.

Day 3

There's no money anymore, except in games like Monopoly. Heroes, dramas, crime, catastrophes and diseases no longer exist because there are no weaknesses, no disharmonies, no defects, no unconsciousness and no deviations from God. Instead there is creativity, playfulness, connectedness, free design and full joy of life. There are also no more social status symbols. However, it is still possible to play such games in clearly defined and delimited rooms by mutual agreement and to define your own rules for a certain period of time. The only indicator as a kind of positive substitute for the status symbol is the relationship with the divine source itself and love for oneself.

The mind is limitless and anything can be created with pure thought. Even entire movies can be created in the mind and projected outward like a projector through the power of thoughts. People can also stream images to one another in this way. To build something new, you can mentally finalize and test it before actually manifesting it. Memories can be recalled by the mind as vividly and emotionally as they happened. There is no longer forgetting unless you choose to do so. You no longer need to acquire or train new information and skills, but can be downloaded directly from the source. You still have the option of learning everything yourself or reading it in if you prefer.

The new world is natural, organic, full of light, magical and also technical. Everything is possible, everything is allowed, everything is freely selectable, as long as it serves the good of the whole and you are not dependent on anything. Technology and computers are possible, but not necessary and are primarily used for fun, research and experimentation. Those who prefer to fly with a spaceship instead of the light body can do that. Those who prefer to make their food with a replicator or get the food from the planet instead of direct manifestation can do that. Those who prefer to see pictures through a television set instead of projecting pictures with their own mind can do so. Those who prefer to talk instead of communicating telepathically can do that. And so on ...

The new earth has clear, clean, pure and living air, clear, clean, pure and living water, fertile soil, nutritious fruits, a balanced and healthy climate. People from the heavenly sky cities take care of the plants and the planet. They do it with great pleasure and love. A few people live close to nature in the forests, on the beaches, in the mountains and on the lakes on the planet in harmony with nature. The planet can breathe freely again and develop, flourish and blossom freely. The biodiversity multiplies and everything is in a divine harmony and equilibrium.

Through telepathic contact it is of course possible to communicate with the animals and, for example, to swim with dolphins and whales, ride horses, fly with birds.

Eternal life as well as death and rebirth are possible and take place consciously and planned, are not taboo, but belong to the natural cycle of life.

The main activities are art, games, sports, meditation, philosophizing and being with one another. There are no taboos and everything can be lived out by mutual agreement. Due to the unity consciousness there are no judgments, only pure joy of life and appreciation.

Day 4

Can I still cry? Yes, for example if a friend decides to leave. This crying is then a healthy crying and goes away very quickly. It purifies and clears the soul.

Can I still be furious? Yes, this can happen in rare cases. But since there are no pent-up feelings in such a light and prejudice-free environment, the anger can be controlled and directed very well and is transformed again very quickly. Similar to lightning, there is a brief but controlled discharge of energy.

Can I still laugh? Yes, a lot. About yourself, about others and unconditionally.

Can I still hate? Not in a natural way. Hate is only possible through a conscious decision and with effort.

Is there still pain? No, there is no more pain. Imbalances can be compensated very easily and quickly using harmonic frequencies.

Is there still fear? Since you can no longer die in the traditional sense and there is no pain, there is no fear.

Are there prisoners or slaves? No, the light body and the divine presence protect the sovereignty and freedom of every individual. Free will is inviolable. You could only play / agree on a corresponding game, but everyone can leave it at any time.

Are there winners and losers? There are still games in which you can win and lose. But through the connection with everything that is, you perceive gain and lose no longer as before and it is more of a theoretical thing. It's just much more about the experience and the game itself, not the outcome or winning.

Are there social hierarchies? No, there is no such thing from a divine point of view. However, you can form time-limited groups in clearly defined rooms and arrange these in mutual agreement according to any rules and structures. This only applies to the group itself and not to "outsiders". Anyone who wants to can leave the group at any time, no one can be obliged to do anything against their will. The group only exists as long as there is agreement.

Is there power? The divine source provides everything and everyone lives in abundance. A striving for power over others cannot arise through connection with everything that is. You live in complete self-authorization.

Is there injustice? No, every need is heard, seen and taken into account. There is almost always a suitable solution for everyone. Only in a few cases you have to make a compromise.

Are there limits? No. The mind, the universe and the divine source are limitless.

Is there any evil? No. Evil is only possible in separation. In connection with the divine there is no longer any evil. You can choose to separate from divine again and repeat the experience of evil.

Can I still eat meat? All life is sacred and animals are no longer slaughtered. All food can be manifested directly from the divine source itself. Because of the flow of prana, eating is no longer necessary and serves primarily, for example, in common rituals with the family and as a pleasure.

Day 5

In the new world, animals will no longer kill or eat other animals either. There is a suitable plant for every animal and their instincts are geared towards them. Since the animals no longer have any enemies, they are very trusting and playful. Birth control is taken over by the divine source together with mother earth. Everything is always in balance, in harmony and in peace.

Sexuality shifts from the physical to the energetically. Subtle intimacy will be much more intense, ecstatic and nourishing than we have known before. Nobody can pretend anymore and everyone is in their true authenticity. There is no longer any shame or embarrassment. A no is always respected, which means that boundaries can never be crossed. Everything that is shared or done with each other is always done by mutual agreement. Everyone is clearly connected to their feelings, desires and needs and can communicate and express them precisely. There are no more misunderstandings, which is also ensured by telepathy and the connection to the divine source. There are no more unwanted pregnancies because all functions of the body are consciously controlled. The man has full control over his semen and the fertility of the semen. The woman has full control over the womb and her readiness to become pregnant. There are no longer any drugs/medications.

For a new child, the parents first plan and prepare precisely in communion with the divine source. The conception of the new child takes place very consciously. You don't need your own helpers or midwives for the birth. The upbringing can be done by the parents or in specially created groups and group rooms. This is also part of the planning phase for the child so that the soul can prepare and choose accordingly.

Everyone is interested in developing themselves and creating the best version of themselves and also trying different versions of themselves. Childlike curiosity, the spirit of research and the joy of experimentation are the natural state. There are no more mistakes, just more experiences, opportunities for improvement and solutions. The search for mistakes and deficiencies is replaced by finding appreciation and positive things.

The divine source itself can also continue to improve, change and expand. All of life gets this in the form of new downloads and can adapt with joy and ease, as everyone benefits from it.

Life takes place in lightness, brightness, freedom, giving energy and pulling up on all levels of consciousness and beyond. The main purpose of the new life is to wish something new and to live out and savor your desires.

All masculine and feminine energies are in divine balance and harmony and fully integrated in all aspects. On other planets there are other constellations than male and female.

As God created the universe and life, you too can create new worlds and universes with your free consciousness and rule them yourself in full self-authorization and responsibility.

Day 6

Astral travel and lucid dreaming are possible at any time and easily accessible to everyone. The natural need for sleep is 1 to 3 hours.

As a New Earth person, you will have new, expanded senses and your DNA will be fully activated. And with your light body too, you have new and unimagined possibilities and abilities at your disposal.

All angels, masters and mythical creatures become visible to us and a loving and inspiring contact and exchange takes place.

Magic and magical rituals are very popular. Magic is especially popular in art and for events.

Access to the inner earth is free again and you have full access to the entire past and everything that happened and why it happened that way. You can even travel back in time and look at it directly as an observer or change it on a personal timeline.

Everything is welcome and loved unconditionally. You can still define preferences and your own limits, which suit your personality.

People have learned from their fall of consciousness that such a fall will never happen again. Evil will never ever return and humanity will remain permanently in the higher dimensions.

Everything is perfect here and now. You are perfect here and now.

Day 7

Day to enjoy and observe what has been created.

I command that the divine presence works through me and brings all this and much more that is good, beautiful and joyful in love and gratitude through me and us together. May everything that has been conceived and created be modified, optimized, expanded and filled out in the best possible way through the divine presence. Absolutely now established, always and forever.

God bless our new earth <3 <3 <3

What is YOUR first wish in this new life?

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