Quantum Learning - living your divine power of creation and wisdom

live and online

by and with Amo and Avalon

Our beloved planet earth is currently in the middle of the ascension process together with us humans. The energies vibrate higher and higher and old patterns dissolve. Some of what we learned in school no longer works or is out of date. Old systems start to break down and fall apart. Nothing seems to be what it used to be. A new time, a new earth is beginning to awaken and bloom. How much do you still hold on to the old? And how well are you prepared for the coming, higher dimensions? Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

Quantum learning has less to do with quantum theory from science, but leads you into a magical life beyond your previously recognized limits. Here you have the opportunity to overcome the limits of your mind and to use your full potential and to access all resources of your inner consciousness. In return you get new freedoms that you could only dream of at school. You get tools from us, how you get full access to all your inner resources. You will learn how to bring your energy back from the past. And much more. We are the pioneers of the new earth and show you how you can also cross the bridge into a new consciousness, where there are lots of communities, loving togetherness, co-creations, creativity, magic and full creativity and sovereignty for every person. Are you ready to live your true greatness?

Playing naturally and remembering is the new β€œlearning” - lets create the magic school for our New Earth together!

You can find our dates and free info evenings in β€œevents” here.

Quantum learning week

Opening of a protected, sacred space

Usually Wednesday 8:00 p.m., duration approx. 2 hours

On the first day we meet to get to know each other. You can tell about your intentions and define your learning topic. Amo tells you about the 5 freedoms and we make a joint increase so that the week really goes smoothly for you and is fully worthwhile. Afterwards you will get a Rishi session from Avalon. In it we create a sacred and protected space for the days together, everything is cleared and purified, unwanted beings are removed, belief patterns that are no longer useful are deleted and the heart and brain come into a divine coherence.

Wisdom Room 1

Usually Friday 8:00 p.m., duration 2 to 3 hours

On this day you will learn quantum reading. In school you learned how to read several letters at the same time, maybe even several words. With quantum reading you learn how to read entire pages at once and how to get your inner consciousness to evaluate the material you have read. Are you ready to let go of your old limitations? The techniques and methods of quantum reading can be applied to all areas of life. Let yourself be surprised. It's going to be magical.

Wisdom Room 2

Usually Saturday 4:00 p.m., duration 2 to 3 hours

On this day you will learn a very powerful method to bring back the energy from your past to you. You can also use it to dissolve old relationships that are no longer useful to you. You will also learn a few effective magic gestures, which clear the emotional energies in you, lighten your head and relax the muscles in your face. How free and young do you dare to be and look?

Wisdom room 3

Usually Sunday 11:00 am, duration 2 to 3 hours

This room is open for co-creations. What treasures do you want to bring to the new earth? What do you bring with you to the new era? The point here is that you yourself activate your creative power. We provide you with a protected space for your development.

Gratitude call
Usually Tuesday (after the wisdom rooms) 8:00 p.m., duration approx. 1 hour

Together we strengthen the positive, for even more love and gratitude in your life. God's blessing for YOU!

Voices from you - Starseeds :-) who have been with us

"The quantum learning and reading with Amo, Avalon and Elena has so nourished and fulfilled me. Unfortunately, our language is too poor for my gratitude. ... Receive answers to my questions, immerse myself in an old topic again, feel all emotions, accept and heal, share delicious, magical, loving moments. Receive a lot of valuable, helpful knowledge and share a little bit from my treasure chest, that is fulfilling. That lets the warming sun BE in my heart.
To share the joy and abundance is simply WONDERFUL - everything is possible. With deep gratitude and full of love and trust, KarinπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆ "

β€œSo now I prefer to do it in writing rather than orally. Oral was not my thing even at school πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ First of all, many thanks to Amo for the great idea, for bringing us together, for the questions, for leading, for creating and for keeping the space. At first I found the bilingual calls exhausting and uncomfortable, but in the end I could feel a lot of love, appreciation and solidarity in them. Thank you Pam for getting involved with so many non-native speakers ❀️ On my topic of praying to God, I understood that this is something very individual and personal and that it is primarily about maintaining and building relationships with God. I originally wanted to take more time for it, but the days are very chaotic to me at the moment. I am curious what there is to learn in the next group. I wish all of us a good time. God bless Humanity ❀️ ❀️ ”Michael


Treasures for this project

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Zoom uplifting live for you

Would you like to increase your frequency individually and easily? Just come with your wish, challenge or question. Whether physical, emotional, spiritual, spiritual - everything is welcome and changeable.

Dreaming Roses

Memory Card Set

Selected rose glimpses of becoming and passing - as alive as life itself. A sensual memory training. Also a chellange for memory professionals

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