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At the seal of 4 of our Golden Retreats, I was allowed to snap these photos. Photograph moments of our soul. Now I can give it to you here.

This balance of being and doing, inserting and receiving begins to vibrate as soon as two are together “in the name of God”. There is no love but love - there is no god but God, says a Sufi. I can often experience that in real togetherness.

Consciousness unfolds so much in the spaces between doing and not doing, being alone and togetherness, between movement and stillness, i.e. everyday things.

In Tibetan there is the term ASHE for it. Ashe names the moment of surprising silence. The moment when your mind is empty. this usually happens unexpectedly, spontaneously, suddenly. And usually disappears again just as suddenly.

How can you practice that?

Our ceremonies, for example, also encounters with God, as we like to call them, serve as a practice of familiarity and activation of these moments of consciousness.

Quantum learning, our New Earth School can create these spaces as well. Then they thrive in your curiosity, your spirit of research, your playfulness, your joy in making mistakes, your effectiveness, your practical skills and your gift of communicating and listening to others.

For example, when cooking together in a retreat, when a new creation is created, simply for the joy of the colors, shapes, consistencies and the instantaneous taste. A new taste is born from your recognition and may awaken sleepy taste buds in others, who then smack it off their plates and bowls.

New synapses are created ...

You let it happen that new synapses form in your brain, new connections emerge and new relationships grow out of them. A new IN-SPIRATION with every inhalation.

And all of this happens at the same time.

Which world do you choose?

You are cordially invited to help shape it. To this end, we will open a room this Thursday at 7 p.m. free of charge for the highest timeline design on earth for everyone who feels called to do so. Be there, be effective and show yourself - thank you!

What is a timeline design?

A timeline creation is like entering a specific destination into your internal navigation system, for example for 2030, so that it can then navigate you there in the quantum field. If you have not set your navigation system, you will navigate within the same loops that you have used in the past. It's like driving in circles all the time. In the Lucifer series, they call it the Hell Loop. In timeline creation, we consciously choose our destination, where we want to land. Where the attention goes, the energy also flows there. And as a group it is of course even stronger than for you alone. Then you let yourself be guided by your inner consciousness and follow the instructions and inner impulses.


The zoom room for the new earth is this Thursday, November 4th at 7:00 p.m.

As soon as you have registered you will receive your zoom link by email.

Here you can read what our vision of the new earth is.


God's blessing for you,

Amo & Avalon

and your whole Rishi family


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