4 Days Ayahuasca Retreat with Dr. Himmelbauer from Otorongo

Retreat: thursday, 14. september 2023 15:00 to sunday, 17. september 2023 12:00

Dr Wolfgang Himmelbauer comes to Austria once or twice a year from the Andes. For 20 years he was initiated into the ceremonies of the jungle liana Ayahuasca, affectionately also called Mother Ayahuasca, by one of the greatest shamans in the world, Don Augustin. Before that he worked as a psychoanalyst.

This special combination makes his work very unique and we always look forward to welcome Dr. Himmelbauer here with his plant medicine and to organize and accompany his in-depth ceremonies.

During these 4 days, Dr Himmelbauer will guide us through 3 ceremonies and will also be available during the day for sharings and general group meetings.


This retreat takes place on a beautiful horse ranch in Niederösterreich.

From you

Please let us know, if you take medication or suffer from an illness/allergy/food intolerance.

Feel free to also state your orientation by briefly formulating what your motives and intentions are for the retreat.

We looking forward to meeting you

When booking, you transfer a deposit of 90 euros. Please take the remaining amount of 515 euros for accommodation, meals and 3 (!!) ceremonies with you in cash.

In the event of cancellation, your deposit will be retained as organizational expenses and transferred to the RishiFamily association as a donation.

Of course you can also name a substitute participant, who will then return your deposit to you.

Our recommendation

For optimal preparation, we recommend the special diet of the 10-day transformation. If you are interested, check the dates to see when there will be another info call for this or contact us privately via SMS or telegram message.

Thank you that through you the family of the New Earth is growing again!

01506Available seats: 12


Reservation and organization: € 90 Add to treasure chest


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